Yeezy 700 / Adidas
2018 Yeezy Taught Me

MAGA Yeezy

                In ‘Yeezy Taught Me’, the iconic Yeezy Boost Waverunner 700 sneaker by Hip Hop artist Kanye West is presented. In a lot of ways this shoe is a relic of the West’s contentious struggle to enter the very white, “fashion world elite”. Appalled by West’s support of the racist rhetoric of the conservative Trump movement, a bouquet of dead flowers in this vase as an allegory for the death of an artist who was once seen as an advocate for the black community. 

This work functions on 3 levels. It can be seen as an allegory for the artist’s journey to find his own creative voice; 3 dimensional still lives, which contrast symbols of wealth and symbols of ephemerality; and commentary on the nuanced relationship between race and capitalism in America.


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