Mexico 66 / Onitsuka Tiger
2017 Master Bruce

A tribute to Bruce Lee

                 The first time I showed this piece was at Liklihood in Seattle, WA. I wanted to do something that would tie the city to my art.  Between 1959-1964, Bruce moved from Hong Kong to continue his education. Here, he launched his first martial arts studio, formed lasting philosophical roots and in 1973 was ultimately laid to rest at Lake View Cemetary.

                    At 32 years old, Bruce was an accomlished actor, philosopher, teacher & martial artist. Lee revolutionized pop culture, film, philosophy, music, the arts, physical fitness and is widely recognized as the grandfather of MMA. Culturally he redefined Asian masculinity and served as a symbol to empower those who feel oppressed and marginalized. Not only with his martial arts skill and physical prowess but also as a writer, choreographer, director, and revolutionary thinker.  His message of self-discovery, truthfully expressing yourself and functionality over blind dedication to tradition still resonates as strongly today as it did in the 60’s and 70’s.


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