Yeezy 350 / Adidas
2019 The Storm

Daniel Lister

                While walking around downtown Brooklyn I saw a guy wearing a fresh pair of Air Forces with one pant leg rolled up, revealing a custom airbrushed Mets mural on his prosthetic leg. It was so beautiful to witness how proud he was to share his prosthetic limb. I didn’t get to take a photo — I just was in awe, and I needed to capture that feeling. My artwork has NEVER been about the SNEAKER itself - it’s always been about the story of its WEARER.

I googled “prosthetic leg sneaker,” and I found myself drawn to this photo of @oneleggedlister . Intrigued, I went to his youtube channel and heard the war hero’s story — perseverance: transformation from losing what defined him, overcoming fear, and never giving up. I HAD TO make an homage.


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